About Us

About us

Do you love dogs??? Show them some love by wearing our various apparels made specially for passionate dog lovers. Cdogpaws brand started a result of our love for dogs and our wish to appreciate everyone’s best friend.

Dogs are intelligent, wonderful, and very helpful creatures that have always been everyone’s companion ever since they started to exist. They are adorable and highly trainable too. According to research, dogs are the most commonly kept pet all around the globe and this is as a result of their plausible characteristics.  

We believe that dogs should be valued because they are worth it which is why our shirts carry different designs to show how much we love our dogs and care for them. 

Cdogpaws has been available for a few years now and has always produced quality and remarkable dog fan tees. Our tees are boldly and creatively designed with inscriptions that say lovely things about our dogs.

Show your love for everone’s best friend by buying our uniquely designed tees today! You are going to love it!


Our mission

We simply make available quality apparel to appreciate our dogs and tell the world about it. Through our products, we help people express their love for their dogs.

Our vision

We want to see people express the love for their dogs boldly using our designed t-shirts. We also want people to get the message and appreciate their dogs for being such wonderful pets.


Our core values

  • Integrity: we believe that honesty is a virtue all businesses should have. We are true to our words and deliver quality designs and apparels just as we promised. We deal in honesty.
  • Professionalism: Our designed tees are a result of professional skills. We make sure to keep our skills updated and brushed in order to give you the best.
  • Creativity: At Cdogpaws, creativity is not a rare trait. We are creative and we provide the best designs for you.
  • Passion: Passion was what drove us to start cdogpaws and it has never diminished. Our passion is evident in our products, We design out of the love for our dogs.

Why you should patronize us

  • Quality: We provide only quality to you. We use quality materials to make all our products. Patronizing us means you are getting quality tees and designs.
  • Our designs: We have beautiful and bold designs that you will love. When you go through our catalog, be rest assured that you’d find something you like.
  • Delivery: We are punctual in delivering your purchases. We will deliver your package at the right place and the right time because we value you.
  • Customer service: Our customer service representatives are highly trained and are always attentive. They are warm and ready to listen to you every time.
  • Flexibility: we are open to suggestions about designs. So, if you have a particular design you want and it’s not available in our catalog, tell us. We will have it designed for you in no time.